1/24 RWB Porsche 964 Full Detail Kit (Resin+PE+Decals+Metal Wheels+Metal parts)(HD03-0537)

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1/24 RWB Porsche 964 Full Detail Kit  (Resin+PE+Decals+Metal Wheels+Metal parts)(HD03-0537)

1/24 RWB Porsche 964

A fully resin based 1/24 RWB Porsche 964 featuring many extra details to add that extra realism to your build 

Resin car model kits for 1/24 scale, High quality model kits. 

This kits includes: 

●Resin car body. (A true reproduction 1/24 scale from the real car, taking care in the little and big details) 

●Resin parts. Interior, exterior, and mechanical parts, 3D resin printed parts that make your kit more real. ●Photo-etched parts. Precisly metal parts that gives te finish product a real look. 

●Wheels and Tires. Real Ruber tires and precisly resin printed wheels. Some products come with two kits of wheels, you can use whatever you like it more. 

●Decals. High resolution and quality printed and precuted decals. 

●Metal Transfer decals and official logo depending on the brand of each model. 

●Instruction sheet and reference photo album. comes with its own high resolution printed instirctions and some sheets with photos from the real cars that will help you to finish your models.


How to build resin car model kits, Teach you how to do. 

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I got this kit since last year, overall this is a great kit. Easy to build, since the chassis