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Esin Ferrari Superfast Fundraiser

  • Tuesday, 02 June 2020
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Esin Ferrari Superfast Fundraiser

In the world of fast cars, few rivals Esin Ferrari Superfast.esin ferrari superfast And if the name Esin Ferrari doesn't ring a bell, it should. He's been a tireless fundraiser for causes like cancer research and children's charities, and his supercharged drag car might be one of the most awesomely powerful machines you'll ever drive.

One reason he's such a great ambassador for charity is because of his commitment to raising awareness about children with cancer and his sponsorship of the Chicago Bike Curriculum. With this program, Esin uses his Mercedes-Benz supercar as a car to carry bicycles from hospital to hospital, highlighting the importance of bicycles in keeping children healthy.

Esin Ferrari has also been an active participant in fundraising for various charities. He sponsors the charity ride of his friend Paul Stohlman, who rides his car across America to raise money for cancer research. Esin himself has ridden this route several times, and you can see him in action on YouTube below, with his custom Ferrari supercar, in the flesh, at his best.

Another charity that Esin Ferrari is very active in is NASCAR. He's a huge fan of this popular sport, and his car, the Dodge Daytona, is adorned with a license plate reading "nascar." He's been a huge supporter of the Grand Prix circuit as well, a charity which raises money to support a number of cancer organizations.

Esin Ferrari's ultimate goal, however, is to have his own supercar. He dreams of driving around and driving a car that is so insanely fast that it surpasses the speed of sound. He hopes to finally be able to drive around the streets in something so fast that it is impossible to get out of it.

In order to make his dream of superfast supercar a reality, he's raising money through a number of different means. He's taken the wheel of a "modified" Ford Mustang, which is powered by a Volvo inline-six engine, and will be trying to beat it at its own game, driving around in a car that's four times the speed of sound.

Esin Ferrari's involvement with these two projects is truly incredible. There is no doubt that he'll surpass the race car he's driving, and he hopes to use the publicity that his new build will generate to help fight childhood cancer.

However, even if you can't get to watch the man ride his car, Esin Ferrari is still giving people an insight into his personality and drive. Whether you want to take a ride in a superfast supercar or simply give someone a good laugh, the Esin Ferrari Superfast Fundraiser is well worth your time.

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