1/24 Ferrari Portofino

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1/24 Ferrari Portofino full resin model kit (AM02-0006)

This is a car model kit assembled from parts made of resin, white metal, photo-etched metal and possibly other materials.


This is a 1/24 scale full resin assembly kit of the 1/24 Ferrari Portofino

3D Printer for all resin car body and car body parts. 

Resin car model kits for 1/24 scale, High quality model kits.

★1/24 scale Full resin kits

★The body is elegantly captured, including such details as the agressive front spoiler, large fenders

★Rendering of the extensively modified and powerful form of real car.

★Includes photo-etched air intake for front spoiler, front and rear brake discs, and side radiator parts.

★Includes Resin wheels and tyres

★Photo-etched parts and metallic antenna give great detail.

★High quality decals 


How to build resin car model kits, Teach you how to do. 

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Ottimo articolo, ben fatto, anche nei dettagli, preciso e facile da fare, per gli appassionati è un mast da non mancare nella vostra collezione. Acquistatela.