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1/20 Ferrari SF1-75 -Alpha Model

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1/20 Ferrari SF1-75 AM03-0009

   The Ferrari F1-75 (also known by its internal name, Project 674) is a Formula One racing car designed and constructed by Scuderia Ferrari which competed in the 2022 Formula One World Championship. Although not officially credited, South African engineer Rory Byrne was heavily involved in the design of the F1-75. As the car proved successful in the first part of the season, his contract was renewed for three years.

The car was driven by Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr. The chassis is Ferrari's first single seater under the 2022 FIA Technical Regulations. The F1-75 scored four wins, from the Bahrain, the Australian, the British, and the Austrian Grands Prix, and 20 podiums from its 22 races. The car made its competitive debut at the 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix.

  • Our unique advantages
  • 1.About the model
  •    We have a unique car theme. which can satisfy your love for cars to the greatest extent and restore the cars you love. 

  • 2.About Photo-ethed detail parts and decals
  •    We have unique Photo-ethed detail parts and decals parts with excellent workmanship and excellent effect. which can restore the details of the real car.

  • 3.About accurate modeling
  •    Car data is accurate, referring to the size of the real car. and striving to achieve the most accurate restoration. 

  • 4.About Model Materials
  •    The model uses good materials to minimize shrinkage problems and make the final effect more realistic while ensuring that the model is easy to save. 

  • 5.About after-sales service
  •    Provide the most intimate supplementary parts service. so that your production has no worries.

  • Kit information

      This Ferrari SF1-75 1/20 scale precision model kit. Conversion kits include complete full resin car body parts components. Lithographically detailed parts for realistic interior features. Resin wheels and rubber tires. Acetate and vacuum formed glass parts. Photo-ethed detail parts.Decals and Foil Decals/Stickers.

  •                             1/24 scale model car kits,1/24 model car kits,1/24 resin model car kits                                                        1/24 scale model car kits,1/24 model car kits,1/24 resin model car kits                                                                                                                         

  •                           Exact replica of the model Ferrari SF1-75. Includes resin car body parts, photo-ethed detail parts, and more                                                                        Photo-ethed detail parts makes the model more realistic.

                                  1/24 scale model car kits,1/24 model car kits,1/24 resin model car kits                                                      1/24 scale model car kits,1/24 model car kits,1/24 resin model car kits                                                                                                                                      

                                                   resin car body parts give your car sharper lines and a more polished finish.                                                                                     Metal wheels and rubber tires make the vehicle more textured

                                 1/24 scale model car kits,1/24 model car kits,1/24 resin model car kits                                                      1/24 scale model car kits,1/24 model car kits,1/24 resin model car kits                     

                                    We have unique decals parts with excellent workmanship and excellent effect                                                           Car data is accurate referring to the size of the real car

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