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1/20 Red Bull RB16B Limited Edition -Alpha Model

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1/20 Red Bull RB16B Limited Edition AM03-0005

   The progress of Red Bull at the end of last season was obvious, especially Vestapan defeated Mercedes in the final qualifying match and the race in AbuDhabi, ending the German team's all-win record at the Yasser Pier track since the start of the hybrid era in 2014. All the cost-saving measures in 2021 mean that the new RB16B car will be basically transplanted from the 2020 model. In theory, it should be able to compete with Mercedes in the opening battle in Bahrain two weeks later. However, it depends on how the technical team led by Newway can make use of the limited car modification quota to recover 10% of the lost performance after the modification of the floor rules, strengthen the advantages of RB16 and eliminate all the disadvantages.

  This REDBULL RB16B resin car body parts purchased through Alpha Model, This 1/20 REDBULL RB16B scale car model has been highly praised by many model enthusiasts, Photo-ethed detail parts fine workmanship, no burrs and blemishes, the overall paint is uniform.

  • Our unique advantages
  • 1.About the model
  •    We have a unique car theme. which can satisfy your love for cars to the greatest extent and restore the cars you love. 

  • 2.About Photo-ethed detail parts and decals
  •    We have unique Photo-ethed detail parts and decals parts with excellent workmanship and excellent effect. which can restore the details of the real car.

  • 3.About accurate modeling
  •    Car data is accurate, referring to the size of the real car. and striving to achieve the most accurate restoration. 

  • 4.About Model Materials
  •    The model uses good materials to minimize shrinkage problems and make the final effect more realistic while ensuring that the model is easy to save. 

  • 5.About after-sales service
  •    Provide the most intimate supplementary parts service. so that your production has no worries.

  • Kit information

      This Red Bull RB16B Limited Edition 1/20 scale precision model kit. Conversion kits include complete full resin car body parts components. Lithographically detailed parts for realistic interior features. Resin wheels and rubber tires. Acetate and vacuum formed glass parts. Photo-ethed detail parts.Decals and Foil Decals/Stickers.

  •                             1/24 scale model car kits,1/24 model car kits,1/24 resin model car kits                                                        1/24 scale model car kits,1/24 model car kits,1/24 resin model car kits                                                                                                                         

  •      Exact replica of the model Red Bull RB16B Limited Edition. Includes resin car body parts, photo-ethed detail parts, and more                                                                        Photo-ethed detail parts makes the model more realistic.

                                  1/24 scale model car kits,1/24 model car kits,1/24 resin model car kits                                                      1/24 scale model car kits,1/24 model car kits,1/24 resin model car kits                                                                                                                                      

                                                   resin car body parts give your car sharper lines and a more polished finish.                                                                                                               Metal wheels and rubber tires make the vehicle more textured

                                 1/24 scale model car kits,1/24 model car kits,1/24 resin model car kits                                                      1/24 scale model car kits,1/24 model car kits,1/24 resin model car kits                     

                                       We have unique decals parts with excellent workmanship and excellent effect                                                                     Car data is accurate referring to the size of the real car

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