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1/24 Lamborghini Centenario Roadster-Alpha Model

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1/24 Lamborghini Centenario Roadster full resin model kit (AM02-0012)

Full detail kits for 1/24 Lamborghini Centenario Roadster,3D Printer all resin car body and parts.  

Marvel at how accurately the revolutionary aerodynamic form of the1/24 Lamborghini Centenario Roadster body is depicted in 1/24 scale.

Resin car model kits for 1/24 scale, High quality model kits. 

1/24 Kit contents includes: 

. Full Resin Model Kit, Resin Dashboard parts. Seat parts, 

. Photo-Etched Detail Parts 

. Turned Metal Detail Parts 

. Resin wheels and Tyres 

. Acetate and Vacuum Formed Glass Parts 

. Decals 

. Metal Foil Decals/Stickers


How to build resin car model kits, Teach you how to do.

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This 1/24 Lamborghini Centenario Roadster resin car model kits purchased through Alpha Model, This 1/24 Lamborghini Centenario Roadster scale car model has been highly praised by many model enthusiasts, Photo-ethed detail parts fine workmanship, no burrs and blemishes, the overall paint is uniform.

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